Questions and Answers

How long does grooming typically take?

Time estimates depends on a number of things: Breed(s), Services, Coat Type.  Amongst other things-It’s always safe to say around 3-4 hours. 

Do you accept Walk-Ins?

At this time we are not accepting walk ins. Please call and speak to a stylist about setting up your pets appointment.

Will my pet be kept in a crate?

In short yes, for everyone’s safety all pets will be safely kept in a kennel when they are not being actively handled. This includes all services animals. Please note that your pet usually will only spend 30 min. to 1 hour in crate during their stay. 

How can I save money?

Pre-book, pre-book, pre-book.
We offer incentives for pets that have reoccurring appointments between 4-8 weeks. Ask about stylist for details!